Cross Disciplinary Forum Brings in International Talent

Published: 2014-06-16 16:02 Author: Source: Journal of Wuhan University access number: 3428

Our correspondent, trainee reporter Li Lin took part in the International Forum for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Engineering. The reporter observes the Forum’s targets were largely met by the organizer, Wuhan University. The Forum was an opportunity for enhancing the University’s notoriety and attractiveness among international scholars as well as a way to strengthen the international academic exchanges and cooperation. The Forum, held the 14th of June, was a significant part global recruitment plan. More than 70 young scholars from Britain, Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan and other countries and regions visited WhU.

Han Jin secretary of WhU’s Party Committee, President Li Xiaogong, chairman of the forum, vice president Feng Youmei, vice president Shu Hongbing, academician of the Academy of Engineering, USA Harvard University lifetime professor Suo Zhigang, director of the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, academician and Forum’s executive chairman Gong Jian Ya, thousand people’s plan expert, Professor Cheung Kong, Mechanical College dean Liu Sheng and other relevant faculty members attended. The forum was chaired by Feng Youmei.

Han Jin pointed out Wuhan University’s role in promoting the development of science and the progress of human knowledge, with a focus on the training of young scholars and expressed hope in this Forum’s ability to further enhance understanding, strengthen exchanges, and constantly open up new cooperation research field between the attending experts and scholars. He noted the efforts made by Wuhan University in the past years, to create favorable conditions for the cultivation of high level talents and thus welcome the experts and scholars returning to the motherland.

Li Xiaogong made a presentation entitled "Striving for excellence, China’s New University Vision". He stressed the fact that the key of development for Chinese universities is the "talent internationalization", the introduction of overseas top scholars, able to can bring in, advanced teaching ideas and management experience. The new direction of development set out for the Chinese universities is to promote the construction of a modern university system, the construction of interdisciplinary research system, research topics diversification, promoting original innovation and integrated research ability, all of these requiring a generous innovation talent pool. He thinks, the development dream of Wuhan University, is fundamentally "talent" oriented. Only by adopting a "strong talent school" strategy and continuing to promote high-level talents with international, in the spirit of interdisciplinary research and research diversification can WhU achieve its ultimate goal of building a world first-class university with Chinese tradition and characteristics.

The next four were scientific presentations. Prof. Zhigang Suo talked about the "soft" machine theme, Prof. Shu Hongbing explained his research on the antiviral innate immune molecular mechanism, Prof. Liu Sheng introduced the MEMS, NEMS, progress in the light-emitting diode packaging, Prof. Gong Jian, presented his research on "Satellite Remote Sensing Method for a High Precision Geometric Positioning Model".

The forum lasted for 2 days. The disciplines featured included Engineering, Life Sciences, Material Science, Medical Science, Information Science and other 5 applied science disciplines. More than 300 scientists expressed their desire to participate, however the organizer, upon analysing each candidate came up with a number of 70 experts and scholars. The participants come from national and foreign universities and are mostly tenure track professors, associate professors, and young scholars, One Thousand People Plan participants, famous overseas universities doctoral and post-doctoral fellows.

"The Dream" – an Analysis of WhU’s "Talent" Policy

"Journal of Wuhan University"

In today's world, the progress of science and technology happens rapidly. The economic globalization is a reality. Under the circumstances, China needs to keep up. A leap has to be made from the surfacing science and technology competition, into the high-level talent competition.

At present, there is a huge gap between the Chinese university level and the world advanced countries. To catch up with the world’s first-class level academia, requires long term strategic vision and the attraction of high-level overseas talents. The expertise and fresh ideas, work discipline and scientific rigor brought by the international talent can only benefit the domestic academia and thus enable the achievement of the ultimate goal: the creation of a world-class university.

Wuhan University is a university with long tradition in China. These traditions, the culture which generates its people must not be cast aside when pushing for development. The introduction of international experts to Wuhan University should be at the core of the reform for development in colleges and faculties. The responsible leaders should be willing to take the effort, act with enthusiasm and take the initiative to attract, cultivate and grow high level academic staff, of all productive ages. The policy must be strongly implemented, providing support for the newly attracted talents and this way guarantee the success of the strategy.

Team work is very important and the importance of an international team is of particular relevance. Every team needs a leader and the cohesion around the theme suggested by this leader. Top quality research leads inevitably to internationalization, as well as long run recognition in specific disciplines. Leading international original achievements not only raise the profile of Wuhan University, but also to enhance China's scientific contribution to the world.

The interdisciplinary development is a breakthrough. One of the crucial aspects of developing a discipline is innovation, and the introduction and training of talents plays a fundamental part in this. A multi disciplinary background is preferred. As a university, we will continue to create a favourable environment, promote interaction between scholars and disciplines, advocate an advanced university culture, encourage creativity, etc.. Home-grown innovative talents impact the society and lead to solutions for a large number of social needs. Significant achievements in scientific and technological innovation meet the needs of our national strategy, leading the trend of social development, promoting mentality transformation and cultural achievements.

From a management perspective, the reform focused on the personnel system is the starting point. An accelerated rhythm of reform in the internal structure of the Chinese colleges and universities brings the overall Chinese academia into contemporary terms. Criteria such as effective recruiting, valuable scholars retention and creating research teams featuring the world’s great minds, as well as enabling academic institutions to inspire domestic teachers and enhancing the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility among professors are ways in which the Chinese universities can achieve world recognition.

"The Dream" in a conclusive analysis is WhU’s "talent" policy. As president Li Xiaogong said, only by adopting a "strong talent school" strategy and internationalization, with focus on the diversification of research topics and interdisciplinary exchanges are the ways of realizing Wuhan University's dream.

(Photography: Zhang Ran editor: Fu Xiaoge)

Updated June 26th 2014