Jobs and Career Development/Where to after your postdoc?

Assess yourself – your skills, values, interests, and more. Consider your age and values, assess the real possibility to land a job at your desired faculty and prepare your application.


If you are a lecturer, contact WHU's HR for the insights on research opportunities and other incentives. The Talents Office is particularly involved in the recruitment of talented staff. Other programs and initiatives focus on 'Teaching and Research', 'Research' and 'Research and Scholarships'.

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About the selection for the German Fellowship Program (CSC-DAAD) Notice concerning the students studying abroad

Source: Ministry of Personnel, Wuhan University departments: public sending Author: caiqiang Published: 2013-8-13

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Career Development Programs

Special programs and innitiatives, Chinese version

  • HR services:

  • career development services to grow and enhance your career

  • career counseling

  • networking ideas


Training and Development on Main Campus


  • technology training

  • environmental health and safety

  • health insurance topics

  • financial services

  • learning and organizational effectiveness

  • research administration

  • continuous studies


Financial Support for Your Development

Updated August the 29th 2013