Wuhan University Teachers' Day Celebration 2014

Published: 2014-09-11 12:03:57

Reporter Yan Hang

On September 10th Teacher's Day, the University held a grand celebration. Thousands upon thousands of words merged into one sentence - "teacher, in your health!"

School party secretary Han Jin, President Li Xiaogong and others within the current leadership of the school of Humanities and Social Sciences, academicians, senior professors, teaching masters national coach, professors, teaching representatives, retired staff, college and departmental staff, representatives of the students were present at the meeting.

Prof. Li Xiaogong gave a speech. This year was a personal celebration, since this year, Prof. Xiaogong had been teaching for 30 years. In his speech he pointed out that there are two particularly deep feelings when it comes to teaching: one is the pride which comes with the highest honors and the second, the teacher's sense of responsibility, which for a great teacher is almost a sacred mission. He spoke about the Wuhan University’s dream which brings its contribution to the national ambition, to make China a world’s superpower.

Wuhan University’s Teaching Awards

On this special day for all teachers, the University honored the outstanding performance in the field of science and technology teaching and handed teacher awards. Regarding the teaching awards, they included: the National Advanced Education System Distinction for 2014, the National Teaching Achievement Award, the National Model Teacher Prize, the National Young Teacher Competition Prize, Hubei Province Top-Notch Ethics Model Award and the Hubei Province Labor Medal. The science and technology awards included: the 2013 International Award for Progress in Science and Technology, the Grand Prize of the National Award for Technology and Invention, the Scientific Research Institutions of High Education Outstanding Achievement Award, the Eighth Session of Hubei’s Province Academy of Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, the High Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award, the Grand Prize of the Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award,the Award for Natural Science and Technology Progress Award, the distinction for Progress in Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology.

Han Jin, Li Xiaogong and other leaders of the University received distinctions. Teacher representatives offered them flowers and a group photo shoot was held in the end.

The Young Teacher Award’s first prize winner, Li Tao, fondly recounting his teacher's understanding for this occupation said: "We are supported by numerous branches, and we too will hold more branches. Wuhan University is a wonderful tree with luxuriant foliage and eternal youth."

Academician Zhu Yingguo won the Grand Prize for the 2013 National award for Progress in Science and Technology. From 1964 when he began his academic career and over the past 50 years as a teacher, he summed up the essence of teaching and scientific research: make oneself an example, train high-level personnel; achieve the right combination between theoretical input and application. He actively supported the national economy, bringing a great contribution to the food security in China.

The Outstanding Teaching Contribution Prize winner professor Pan Yingchun said: "at Wuhan University every teacher has an environment of excellence similar to those of prestigious academia abroad. This together with the teaching drive and the inquisitive students, the good scientific research environment, provides a good platform for me to reach my targets."

The celebration ended with a dance symbolizing friendship that never ends and a poetry recitation dedicated to the teachers who departed and whose contribution will never be forgotten.

Updated the 17th of September 2014