The International Forum for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Engineering Held by WhU

international forum for interdisciplinary sciences and engineering

Session DescriptionIn June 13, 2014 Wuhan University will host the International Forum for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Engineering.

This is the first forum on international interdisciplinary sciences held by Wuhan University. The forum aims to gather scientists from home and abroad, with different academic backgrounds. A notable accent is placed on young scientists and engineers, promoting exchanges in advanced technologies and hot research topics. This reunion seeks to encourage discussion and cooperation between the international scholars, putting great minds together for finding solutions to contemporary problems.

The participant must meet a series of criteria established by the organizer: the applicant must be under the age of 40; has obtained a PhD overseas, in a well-known university, or be a PhD graduate coming from a domestic university, with for more than 2 years overseas experience. The participants are researchers in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Biomedical and other fields. They have identifiable achievements or have the potential to develop as overseas outstanding young talents.

The online application registration starting time was: March 5th , 2014. The participants had to login at: submitThe application deadline was : April 4, 2014. The decision of invitation was made April the 11th. Those invited were sent the conference invitation e-mails.

The schedule for the Forum was established. The Forum begins June the 13th, 2014 and the Forum report communication time is between the 14th -15th of June 2014.

The travel and accommodation arrangements were made by the organizers. The accommodation is free for all invited participants. The organizers provide at most a 1,0000 Yuan per person international travel subsidies, and at most 5,000 Yuan/person for the outstanding domestic scholars participating in this event.

Contact: +86-27-68752625

Mobile phone:+86-13476278784

Fax: +86-27-68752049

Contact person: Liu Xiaohui


Electronic Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering related subjects participants and young scholars may alternatively contact Mr. Liu Shengjiao (

Updated June 12th 2014