The Annual Evaluation Work Is Completed for 2013

Published: 2014-05-26

Careful Organization and Strictly Standardized Pragmatic Innovation - Evaluation Work Successfully Completed for the Year 2013

Recently, Wuhan University 2013 year title evaluation work ended. There was a major change in the evaluation of professional titles this year by comparison to the previous years, reflecting the characteristics of four aspects involved in the reform.

The policy is distinct. The reform of the professional and technical positions appointment system is an important aspect in the reform of the personnel system. The Human Resources Department on the basis of investigation, study and reference on the experience of other universities, according to the reality of our university, after repeated consultation, formulated the "Wuhan University Teaching Professional and Technical Job Trial Measures" and other three new internal assessment documents. The Title Evaluation System shows great respect for the subject’s characteristics and growth, promoting talent. It establishes a teachers’ classification management system, according to the different job characteristics, according to the different disciplines set tasks, teaching and scientific research, with emphasis on the examination of various types of teaching abilities, scientific research, social services and other aspects in the guidance of teachers. Each teacher according to the position he or she occupies, have the possibility to show their expertise, in order to improve the level of teaching and research output. The system gives encouragement and guidance for the better highlight of title appraisals, accreditation and so on.

The second aspect is the program optimization. The accreditation assessment this year aimed to speed up the implementation of the University’s Management Center for Practical Ideas. The Committee taking care of the appointment of University Professional and Technical Positions authorized an assessment of the professional positions in two cases: first, high level (4) teachers and second, below level 4 teachers, appointing two Sub Committees to assess new teachers’ work and employment conditions. The two Sub Committees, according to the University's employment conditions, review the candidates in the recruitment plan. Then the University conducts a review of the candidate materials, based on the Committee findings. It is conducive to further give full play to initiative and enthusiasm within each faculty. This way it is insured the researches are inspired to have a main role in scientific research, strengthening faculty team construction, planning and other aspects of each discipline. These in turn, enable the strengthening of the self-regulation, under the guidance of the macro plans and the department in charge with the development of the University. At the same time the appraisal process gives full play to the role of expert evaluation and engagement in the professional and technical positions, observing the professional, scientific output, based on principles of objectivity and impartiality.

Thirdly, it is a flexible way. The Human Resources Department innovates methods of work, changes the previous index distribution pattern for each department, according to the development plan of the subject, in a three year cycle. The pan to construct a teaching basis, based on forward-looking and scientific principles, takes into account the existing situation for each faculty. The University according its development goals, issues up to four teaching positions for a three years. The departments hire according to the actual situation, the need of the discipline’s development to adjust to the annual recruitment plan. Thus the employment process becomes more flexible, more reasonable. At the same time it requires level two units to adhere to the teaching performance standards, research, academic influence, innovative achievements being the most important evaluation indicator. The accent shifts from quantity to quality. This is all possible due to the unified standard which emphasizes quality output, enabling the creation of a long-term mechanism, for promoting academic progress and scientific development.

The Annual Evaluation Work Is Completed for 2013

Last, but not least, the system guides the achievers. At the end of the evaluation for this year, the teachers submit their academic achievements. The relevant departments analyse the situation upon receiving the forms. In the policy of maintaining the seriousness, stability and continuity based on, the Human Resources Department improvement of the academic evaluation system, placing the accent on the high level of academic achievement, stressing quality first. The flexibility induced by these changes enable a vast number of teachers to attain affirmation and recognition, and benefits the University by ensuring a stable number of basic scientific researchers achieving a high level of scientific research. Quality continues to increase steadily, providing a solid guarantee for a world first-class university with Chinese characteristics.

This year the number of people promoted to higher teaching positions, is reduced comparing to previous years, however the quality of those selected increased. The professional evaluation, the new guidelines and the entire mechanism of recruitment and promotion enhance the academic performance.

Updated 10th of June 2014