Distinguished Professor Chang Jiang Scholarships

The Ministry of Education created a new "Cheung Kong Scholars Program” in 2011. This program is aimed at the implementation of the national long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020) and the national long-term talent development plan (2010-2020), focussing on strengthening the institutions of higher learning, improving the quality of the teaching personnel and attracting and training a number of national and international leading talents.

The "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" is an important part of the major national talent project, with plans to introduce overseas high-level talents and develop the national youth. The "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" supports colleges, appointing the Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor, the national annual appointment of 150 Distinguished Professors for a period of 5 years as well as the designation of 50 Chair Professors for a term of three years. The "Cheung Kong Scholar" title is granted by the Ministry of Education and the successful applicants enjoy the Cheung Kong Scholars bonus for the duration of their employment. Changjiang Scholars are named through a post appointment system. The colleges open Distinguished Professors and Chair Professors positions for domestic and international recruitment. The applications are going through an expert review process specially designed by the Ministry of Education as well as by the institutions of superior education.

Key Recruitment Areas

Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management, Arts and other disciplines, while encouraging new areas of study and research and interdisciplinary development.

Who Can Apply

Qualifications required:

The ideal candidate:

  • Serves the post of associate professors or other equivalent positions in prestigious overseas universities, professors or other equivalent positions in domestic universities
  • For applicants in humanities and social sciences, is younger than 55 years old. For applicants in natural sciences, is younger than 45 years old
  • Is capable of working full-time at WHU
  • Salary and Benefits:

  • Support in creating an academic team by means of hiring working assistants;
  • Scientific research initial funds for science, engineering, and medicine (between 2 to 4 million RMB; For humanities and social sciences, 500,000- 1 million RMB.
  • Salary: 300,000-500,000 RMB per year.
  • Laboratory and office space.
  • Housing allowance of 300,000-500,000 RMB, or an apartment.
  • Application Procedure

    (A) The Applicant
    External candidates are required to provide a curriculum vitae (CV, including basic personal information, education and work experience, academic achievements, Projects, published articles directory, patents and awards, etc., sent to whurcb@whu.edu.cn or related faculties).
    The schools will inform the candidates of the necessary materials which need to be attached to the application file.

    (B) The approval process at the faculties (units)
    The faculties receive and process the materials submitted by the applicant making a preliminary review, and interview the applicant. The faculties convene a Professor Committee meeting recommending the candidates personal application materials and units of assessment materials to the Ministry of Personnel. The Appointment Committee determines the success of the applicant for the position, based on the materials and the faculty’s recommendation.

    (C) School‘s Approval
    School personnel department preliminary reviews the application materials. Recommended candidates application files are submitted to the Ministry of Education.

    (D) The assessment of the Ministry of Education
    Candidates recommended to the Ministry of Education by the faculties/schools review the application materials provided by the schools/faculties and assess the candidates’ level of compliance with the requirements of the program on which they have issued their application.

    (E) Signing the contract
    The candidates reviewed by the Ministry of Education sign their employment contract upon approval by the Ministry. The Ministry is informed of the fact the contract had been signed. Ministry of Education, announces the results of the annual appointment for Changjiang Scholars.

    Application materials (factual documents material required by each unit):

    (A) Fill in form 15 for Cheung Kong Scholars candidates. The table is automatically generated by the reporting system. Informants must visit "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" website (www.changjiang.edu.cn) and download the reporting software to fill out this form.

    (B) Attach the following materials (two-sided printed, binded into books, white paper cover):

    • 1. Annex material catalog (subject pages marked);
    • 2. Recommended research projects listed in the table, copies of proof of awards and patents;
    • 3. Five (5) important innovative full text papers featured on a magazine cover, a copy of the directory, as well as other representative works listed in the recommended table covers, catalog and papers page photocopies;
    • 4. the Recommended table lists SCI, EI, SSCI, CSSCI included, as well as papers cited;
    • 5. Proof of employment in a foreign institution;
    • 6. Proof of participation in international academic conferences such as an invitation letter or notification;
    • 7. As referenced in the application materials a positive evaluation of the experts in the field, must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents.
    • 8. the Chang Jiang Scholars candidates recruited from outside the school, must submit a letter of recommendation issued by the candidates' current employer.
    • Material subject to the classified section, please specify.

    (C) Electronic Materials
    Chang Jiang Scholars declarer returns electronic version (Chang Jiang Scholars reporting software to generate the word document), the file name format: candidates for Chair / Chair Professor of Wuhan University *** doc.
    Electronic version (pdf format, compressed into a single file, the share disk space 10M or less), the file name format: Wuhan University Chair / Chair Professor of candidates *** annex pdf attachment material Chang Jiang Scholars reporting.

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