Pay Periods and Pay Days

Your salary comes on the 8th of each month, calculated for the days you worked from the beginning of the previous month up to the 1st of the current month (excluding). Example: If you started work for WHU on the 22nd of the previous month, you will receive your salary on the 8th of the current month calculated from the date you started working (the 22nd in our example) up to the 31st of the current month.

Please take into consideration the precise date when you receive your salary is subject to School policies and your employment contract/scheme. Please refer to the HR coordinator within your department/School for any additional information.

Public Holidays in China

Chinese people legally enjoy over 115 days off including 104 days of weekends and 11 days of festivals. Employees have 5 to 15 days of paid annual leave. Students and teachers have summer and winter vacations for about three months. The summer vacation in China generally starts around July 1st and ends around August 31st, and the winter vacation usually falls on January or February according to the date of the Spring Festival.

Public holidays: New Year's Day (Jan. the 1st), Spring Festival (established by lunar calendar), Qingming Festival (Apr. the 4th or 5th), May Day (May the 1st), Dragon Boat Festival (5th of 5th lunar month), Mid-Autumn Day and National Day (Oct. the 1st).

Business establishments acturally flourish during holidays, so there’s no need to worry about the shopping, dining, entertainment. Some shopping malls, shops, supermarkets and restaurants have promotions and discounts on festivals, and some even extend their opening time. On the Spring Festival, the grandest occasion for family reunion of the year, some personal shops and small restaurants are closed. Please make sure you have sufficient cash to last you throughout the Spring Festival, as most banks don't operate.

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Resolving Workplace Issues

At WHU we strive to provide the best working conditions for all our employees. Should you however feel we are doing something wrong or should you enter a dispute with a colleague or auxiliary staff, please contact your supervisor or head of department (manager) to mediate the conflict and help you reach common ground.

In certain cases the Human Resources Department can act as a mediator. Please feel free to contact us if you feel the matter enters our area of competence.

Updated March the 15th 2013