Thousand Talents Program for Distinguished Young Scholars

Studies have shown the youth segment up to 35 years of age is the most passionate and innovative group of employees. The early introduction of youth talents is beneficial to both University and the young scientists, ensuring the ongoing support for the technology industry long term. The program known as the "Thousand Young Talents Program" was officially launched in December 2010. Wuhan University stresses the importance of such programs for the future development of science and high-tech industries in China. This program adds to the already existing Thousand Talents Scheme. WHU introduced WHU Thousand Young Talents Program Funding Method, ensuring full financial cover for the youth who come to work for the University.

Key Recruitment Areas

Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology

The ideal candidate

  • Has obtained a doctoral degree from a renowned overseas university and have more than 3 years overseas research experience. Should the candidate provide a doctoral degree from a Chinese university, he or she should have more than 5 years of teaching or research experience overseas. He or she should be holding a teaching or research position in a famous overseas university or research institute. Exceptionally, candidates who distinguish themselves during their doctoral period are eligible for admission.
  • Is under the age of 40 and able to work full time at Wuhan University.
  • The selected candidate will be offered

  • Potential appointment as a professor
  • Research funds of ¥ 1,000,000-3,000,000 provided by the national government, with maximum equivalent funds provided by the university
  • An annual salary of ¥ 200,000-300,000, negotiable for outstanding candidates
  • Living allowance of ¥ 500,000 provided by the national government, and a living space of 120 to 150sqm or a settling-in allowance of ¥ 500,000 provided by the university.
  • Application Procedure

    1. Send resume/CV containing basic personal information, education, work experience and academic achievements and a letter of intention at naming the desired school or college.
    Please attach information regarding any research projects, a directory of published articles, patents and awards, where possible and any other relevant data.
    2. Annex material contains academic degrees and a copy of proof of identity card or passport, work contracts overseas copies, copies of patent certificates or product certifications, proof of project leadership (participation). For articles please include where and when they were published and quotation.
    Contact the Talents Office for help in completing the declaration regarding the attached materials.
    3. Once these materials have been received, the School consultants evaluate your submission and may request additional information. Once approved by the School, your application moves to the next step.
    4. The schools submit the material to the ministerial authorities.
    5. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, and organizations such as the Central Organization Department organization, evaluate your application and issue a selection notification.
    6. Selected experts sign the employment agreement and are welcomed to come and work at WHU in the Schools of their choice.

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    Updated the 25th of October 2014