Thousand Talents Program

The plans to implement the introduction of overseas high-level talents took shape in December 2008, through Governmental initiative. These plans have been comprised in a National program referred to as the "Thousand Talents Program" and they were mainly designed to assert long term national development strategies with focus on innovative projects, key disciplines and key laboratories, central enterprises and state-owned commercial financial institutions, various park-based high-tech industrial development zones, the introduction and support able to implement a number of key technologies, the development of high-tech industry, driven the emerging disciplines strategy scientists and leading talent returning to China as well as supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. Wuhan University has always attached great significance to the introduction of overseas high-level talents, thus the "Thousands of People Plan" is of great importance to the school following the aim to actively promote the construction of Special Region for Talents personnel, the establishment of high-level experts able to bring fresh ideas and research. WHU strives to create a favorable environment for talent creative work.

Key Recruitment Areas

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medical Science, Information Sciences, Environment and Earth Sciences, Engineering and Materials Science, Economics and Management, Law, Psychology, International Relations, etc.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Has obtained a doctoral degree from a overseas university

  • Under the age of 55, and under the age of 60 for Law, Psychology and International Relationship

  • A Full Professor or holding a similar position in a high-level overseas university, research institutes, internationally famous enterprises or financial institution

  • Able to work full time at Wuhan University for the long-term program


    Job Title: Distinguished Professors, the Long-Term Program

    The selected candidate will be granted

  • The opportunity to organize an academic team and select working assistants

  • ¥ 3,000,000-20,000,000 as a scientific research start-up fund. For Humanities and Social Sciences, the start-up fund is between ¥1,000,000 and 5,000,000.

  • An annual salary of ¥ 600,000-800,000

  • Living allowance of ¥ 1,000,000 provided by the national government, and a living space of circa 150sqm or settling-in allowance of ¥500,000 provided by the university


    Other policies related to wage, pension, benefits and medical insurance:

  • The wage is deducted before tax within five years including housing income subsidies, food subsidies, relocation, leave expenses, children's education, etc., In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state's tax laws and regulations,

  • Basic pension, basic medical, industrial injury insurance for the talent scheme employee as well as for his or her accompanying spouse and children

  • Foreign spouses and minor children can apply for "permanent residence permit", or multiple-entry visa valid for 2-5 years

  • Specialised expert medical treatment within Hubei Province


    Application Procedure

    1. Send resume/CV containing basic personal information, education, work experience and academic achievements and a letter of intention at naming the desired school or college.
    Please attach information regarding any research projects, a directory of published articles, patents and awards, where possible and any other relevant data.
    2. Complete the declaration regarding the attached materials.
    Annex materials containing academic degrees and a copy of your identity card or passport. Add work contracts overseas copies, copies of patent certificates or product certifications, proof of project leadership (participation). For articles please include where and when they were published and quotation.
    3. Once these materials have been received, the School consultants evaluate your submission and may request additional information. As soon as it is approved by the School, your application moves to the next step.
    4. The schools submit the material to the ministerial authorities.
    5. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, and organizations such as the Central Organization Department of the CPC, evaluate your application and issue a selection notification.
    6. The selected experts sign their employment agreement (contract) and are welcomed to commence work at WHU in the Schools of their choice.


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